PERS+ and how it works

The system consists of a console that’s connected to an AC wall outlet for power. It has it’s own cellular connection to the central monitoring station and built-in back-up battery in the event of a power outage. Should an emergency occur, the user presses the pendant button that opens a 2-way voice conversation through the built-in console microphone and speaker with a care specialist who will assess the situation, then take appropriate action. When emergency help is dispatched, family or friends are notified of the incident as per the user’s directives.

A PERS device can reassure patients help can be obtained if needed. 
*Social issues in older adults, May 2019 by Danial B. Kaplan, PhD, LICW; Barbara J. Berkman, DSW, PhD

Fall Detection

Automatically sends help if you fall and can’t press the button in the event you fell unconscious or couldn’t speak. You can also summon help at anytime by pressing the button on the fall detector pendant.

One in three age 65 and over will have a fall.

Two-thirds of those who fall, will fall again within six months.
*National Health Institute

Activity Reporting Monitor (2 methods of reporting)

1. Automatically: The Monitor is placed in the home where the user generally visits beginning each day such as the bathroom or kitchen, then sends a signal to the console and automatically resets itself.

2. Manually: You simply press the GREEN Reset button when you begin your day, which resets the system.

This can save on the cost of in-home non-medical help and watch-time by assuring that the user has been checked on and up and about each day with their daily routine.

28% of persons “found down” are either dead or die in the hospital.
*National Health Institute

Medication Dispenser and how it works

Pill tray rotates to the next dose when audible alarm sounds. Programmable alarm sounds and chirps until dose is taken.

✓ Timed-alarm system provides next dosage automatically and requires door to be slid open to disable alarm.Dose up to 4 times per day.
✓Dispenser holds 28 doses of dry medication such as pills or capsules.
✓Check compliance history, change dispensing times, and update all device settings via website.

One Less Argument . . . One Less Concern!

Living alone doesn’t mean you have to be completely on your own

Nothing can replace the physical routine visits and human interaction of a quality home care provider. Home care help services combined with new smart technology provides an extra measure of safety and security 24/7.

When employing the services of a home care company, who’s watching out for you when the care aide’s shift ends?

Unless you have 24/7 live-in help, do you have measures in place to assure your safety and security when alone?

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